JoyJunior Orthodox Youth (JOY) is a ministry group for children ages 7 to 12, in grades 2-6. The goals of this group are to promote spiritual growth in Christ and to build a foundation in the faith as children prepare to enter their preteen and teen years. Group activities are planned and organized with emphasis on the following four areas: Koinonia (Fellowship), Liturgia (Worship), Diakonia (Service), and Martyria (Witness).

Some of the activities JOYers have participated in include a miniature golf outing and a trip to the movies with GOYA, bowling, the Toys for Tots drive during the Christmas season, helping at the annual Greek Festival and a trip to Great Explorations Museum.

Along with our dedicated and hard working advisors, parents also serve to strengthen the JOY ministry by attending meetings, assisting with transportation of the children on trips and supporting the advisors. Meetings and outings take place once a month. As part of the JOY program, participants are expected to attend church services and Sunday School on a regular basis.

We would like to invite, encourage and welcome all children and their parents to participate in the St. Stefanos JOY program. Participate in the goal of building a foundation of faith for our children; a foundation that will guide them throughout their lives and on which their faith can grow and develop.